2016, HD VIDEO, 13.50

Excerpt:  https://vimeo.com/195357054

Full video:  https://vimeo.com/183420465   (Contact artist for password)

HIND is a single channel video set in a cow barn at night. An unseen herd is stationary until dawn. Bovine eyes, chewing cud, earth, shit and hay punctuated by visits to the trough ground this tale that is based on traditional Korean Gumiho ghost stories whose nine-tail fox spirits take on the form of young girls. The Gumiho is a malevolent spirit, an eater of living livers to secure its seducing human shape.

Formally the work is a temporal contemplation shot imperceptibly in reverse -- Kronos chasing his beastly children from behind.

Atemporal prehistoric flies alight on fur and flesh alike, beat wings that make all shudder.