INFANT JUSTICE, 2002, works from installation at Pittsburgh Glass Center

In Infant Justice, two somber cribs provide a dialectical foil for a delicate medium, using its material qualities to work with, and not against, its stereotypical associations. Here, glass remains fragile, beautiful, precious.

Infant Justice is immanent, as well as present, and lives, as do we, with the discrepancies between the seen (frozen, utopic) and the known (active, chaotic).  We know the ideals of our judicial system to be illusory; transparent gavels cast condescending and often cryptic shadows over our heads.  The promise and image of impartiality is, in practice, easily broken, splintered through selective prosecution at home and shattered through blatant inequities in our foreign policy. Pleas for justice are muted, not pacified. Rattles of resistance unshaken, are not resigned. The stones' cries contained, at great cost, for this moment.

Be quiet.

Good night.

Don't let the bedbugs bite,

but when they do

don't cry.

Be quiet.

For God's sake,

Be quiet.

for my sake,

Be quiet.

for truth

for justice

for the American way


Be quiet.