PROVERBS, 2011, digital collages on archival Hahnemühle paper, 9 x 9 inches each

PROVERBS manipulates imagery of debris from a demolition site with an abstract treatment that blurs and softens the wreckage.  The focused squares floating within the blurry abstractions are typically the most visually stable parts of each composition, with strong horizontal and vertical elements.  Each work tempts us to “look through rose-colored glasses,” appealing to our preference for stability, security and pleasantry, despite the fact that we are looking at a children’s hospital in ruins.

Mine is not a resolved position on rubble. It shifts, teetering on unstable ground filled with false starts and missteps, and vacillates in a medium without gravity.  PROVERBS is an exegesis on imagery, a conglomeration of excited electrons, light, mutable and seemingly free. I cannot overemphasize that, as a meditation on a theme, the series has been created at a remove and in safety that is discrepant from its subject. It is my aim that this discrepancy does not discredit it.