Earth, glue, insufficient rain, ink, blood, dust, spit and muck on paper,  42” x 31” each

‘Yes, as everyone knows, meditation and water are wedded forever… (Herman Melville)

...but what place hath reflection ‘in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is’  (Psalms 63:1)

Until Human Voices Wake Us is a drawing cycle that creates a contemplative chamber of mirage, of salvage, of dust. A series of individual life vests are drawn in blood and ink on a fields of cracked earth. The images are faint, painted with diluted washes that seep into and are swallowed up by the dirt ground. When viewed together the individual images seem to dissolve, emerge and evaporate again as a hallucination, mirage or apparition.  Deserts and other arid lands are often conducive to the visionary.  These representations become a catalog of promises, of unobtainable assistance or elusive rescue, all overwhelmed by the physicality of the dried mud.

This work has renewed relevance with the crisis of refugees feeing war and deprivation around the world..

mirage, salvage, dust

projections of assistance, liberation, fulfillment

buoy the disconsolate, oppressed, parched flailing in the sun


proclamations of remedy, re-stabilization, 40 acres and a mule

entice the weary and unwary alike, clutching to believe


provisions of austerity measures, the short term before

the long haul, financial undertow

reward the buried with all they can eat