Untiled (Fawn)
Untitled (Fawn) detail
William Tell, 2016
Detail of William Tell, 2016 (baseball)
A Delicate Balance, 2016, ink on beige paper, 21.5 x 29 in
MoMA's Lions, 2016
Foot Smasher, 2016
Detail of Foot Smasher (king), 2016
Detail of Foot Smashed, 2016 (frog)
Detail of Foot Smasher, 2016
Untitled (Parthenon Goblet)
Untitled (Parthenon Goblet) detail
Untitled (Big Foot)
Untitled (Big Foot) detail
Untitled (Bookends) detail 2
Untitled(Bookends) detail
Untitled (Osama and Skull)
Untitled (Bugle mouthpieces and Eagle)
Untitled (Bugle mouthpieces and Eagle) detail
Untitled(Birds and Knit Beard)
Untitled (Birds and Knit Beard) detail
Untitled (Epiphany)
Untitled (Epiphany) detail
Untitled(Profile with Spool)
Untitled (Profile with Spool) detail
Untitled (Swathe Lifted)
Untitled (Swathe Lifted) detail
Untitled (Reclining Skeleton)
Untitled (Reclining Skeleton) detail
Untitled (Politicos)
Untitled (Politicos) detail
Tug of War
Untitled (Tank)
Touch and Go
Untitled (Eagle Eyes)
Tail Chasing
Flower Smasher, 2016, ink on Strathmore, 18 x 24 inches_web.jpg
Untitled (Liberty)
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